Logo Ge-man®


A new brand. A new message. A new world.

The credo of Ge-man is: “That’s not it yet!” – it is no shame to fall down – it´s a shame to staying.
The founder of Ge-man committed to this principle long ago.

Ge-man wants and will break new ground – innovative and healthy products, sustainability, reliability, social commitment and intercultural competence.
Ge-man also cultivates an open, fair and transparent approach to partners, employees, customers and all people who want to become part of the Ge-man world.

Ge-man is very proud to welcome more and more athletes in their ranks

who have proven themselves as fighters, fair athletes and enthusiastic people since the beginning of their careers and are now ready to trust our philosophy and our brand.
Athletes who switch from reputed sponsor partners to our young and ambitious company to bring the spirit of Ge-man to attention and credibility.

Anyone who feels connected to this spirit will find a new family in Ge-man.

Let’s work together to create a future in which everyone can find a place for themselves and feel like a Ge-man.