ge-man Luca Bertossio

Luca Bertossio is the first Italian to have seven FAI gold medals, seven FAI silver medals and four bronze medals to his name.

Luca holds most of his flights at the National Italian Glider’s Aerobatic Center of Ozzano. In the past, he has also been a flight instructor at the International Glider Aerobatic Academy in Williams, CA (USA).

The new partnership between Ge-man and Luca Bertossio is a win-win and we look forward to many successful years together.

Luca Bertossio

Aerobatics Pilot

Timo Scheider is a two-time DTM Champion (2008/09) and ADAC Motor Sportsman of the Year 2008.

Timo Scheider has been under contract with BMW since 2017. He has also been a permanent part of the WRX universe since 2017 and managed to finish a fantastic 10th place in the WRC overall standings in his rookie season.

This season, Timo Scheider is competing in the World Rallycross Championship for the ALL-INKL Racing Team and is driving the legendary 24H race at the Nürburgring for BMW in his M6 GT3.

Timo Scheider


Daniel Degiampietro, aka Neos, born on 18 November 1996 in Cavalese, is an Italian artist and athlete who has been working professionally in show business since 2016.

In addition to his work as a mountain bike guide and instructor, Daniel performs spectacular acrobatic shows on two wheels (street trials), which he takes on tour for live events and advertising campaigns.

In 2017, he founded his own brand Judge’s Garden.

Daniel Degiampietro

Wheel Artist

Our FSA XC Santa-Cruz Bike Team. The four guys and gals are on the most challenging tracks and trails around the world and have been supported by Ge-man for some time to achieve best times.

Consisting of Maxime Marotte, Greta Seiwald, Luca Braidot and Martina Berta, the Santa Cruz team is complete.

Together we plan big for the future and look forward to working together!


FSA XC Bike Team