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Gentleman Race Association (GGRA)

Got petrol in your blood?

Great! Become a part of a unique and entirely new concept – with an experience you’ve ever dreamed of. With the Ge-man® Gentleman Racing Association (GGRA) we’ve started a private racing club, based on absolute exclusivity – be fast and reserve your driver seat now.

Take part in private race weekends, smell the taste of petrol and feel the power of real beauty in your guts. As a member of the GGRA you’ll be driving “Formula 1” vehicles from 1967, the so-called Ge-man®-F1-67, equipped with the latest and most modern technology.

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We are starting initially with only 25 members, the so-called “Club founding members”. Finally, the club will have 250 members maximum. Your initial investment will be 1 Million Euro, in return you’ll be the owner of your own private “Formula 1” vehicle, the Ge-man®-F1-67, plus spare parts worth 100,000 Euro and there are many more advantages waiting for you!

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