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Ge-man Can 0,33ml

The Ge-man® effect

It's just pure power

Ge-man® is everything you need. A mouthful of power every day and you'll get the most out of your physical, mental and emotional potential.

  • Gets you IN SHAPE
  • Makes you STRONG
  • Makes you MANLY

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Ge-man Can 250 ml

The Can



  • amino acids
  • phytochemicals
  • vitamins
  • trace elements

Filling quantity: 250 ml
RRP: 2.50 EUR

Ge-man Power Powder 900 g

Power Powder


  • amino acids
  • phytochemicals
  • vitamins
  • trace elements

Filling quantity: 900 g
RRP: 129.00 EUR

Ge-man Pre Workout Booster 500 g

Pre Workout Booster


  • amino acids
  • phytochemicals
  • vitamins
  • trace elements

Filling quantity: 500 g
RRP: 69.00 EUR

Gets you IN SHAPE

Ge-man®. German doctors and scientists have created a unique and fantastic formular, especially designed for men aged 18 or over. The power drink Ge-man® as a dietary product with its high-quality micronutrients will make you feel and look better – like a gentleman, nobody can resist.

It’s for your natural vitality. Enjoy Life! It’s in your hands!


Makes you STRONG

Ge-man®. Unlimited power – with just one can daily. Ge-man® gives you more energy and gets you focused. A strong, healthy body makes every other aspect of life easier. You’ll have more energy to work, play, and love like a man. Overcome the challenges of daily life!

Be successful with mental and physical strength. It’s your decision!


Makes you MANLY

Ge-man®. Manliness is something many aspire to, but only few achieve. Ge-man® makes you a manly man and sexually confident – you’ll certainly know you're the most attractive person in the room. Share intense moments and enjoy a relaxed and wonderful time together – with unforgettable moments.

Get the energy you need!

GGRA Race Car Hasel


Ge-man® Gentleman Racing Association (GGRA)

Got petrol in your blood? Great! Become a part of a unique and entirely new concept – with an experience you've ever dreamed of. With the Ge-man® Gentleman Racing Association (GGRA) we've started a private racing club, based on absolute exclusivity – be fast and reserve your driver seat now. Take part in private race weekends, smell the taste of petrol and feel the power of real beauty in your guts. As a member of the GGRA you’ll be driving “Formula 1” vehicles from 1967, the so-called Ge-man®-F1-67, equipped with the latest and most modern technology. Join the GGRA now!


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